Selling Price VS Timing

Pricing Your Home Right in the Beginning is Important


Did you know that if you want to get absolute top dollar for your home, it is critically important to make sure your home is priced right from the very beginning?

There's always a given number of buyers looking for homes in Roanoke TX in every price range.  For instance.  In the price range of $400,000 to $450,000, you may have 14 buyers currently looking for homes for sale in Roanoke TX.  What happens when a brand new listing hits the market is all 14 of those buyers, or at least most of those 14 buyers will notice the new listing pop up and they'll all try to schedule an appointment to see that new listing as soon as it hits the market.  So, during the first two weeks, you'll have a rush of all the current buyers looking for homes in Roanoke TX, making appointments to see the house.  There's a sense of urgency on their part.

Now what happens after all those buyers see the house in the first two weeks and no offer has been extended by any of those buyers?  Well, now the only new buyers that will be coming to see the house are Roanoke homebuyers that are brand new to the market.  This may be 3 new buyers per week.  What are the odds if none of those buyers who were sitting and waiting for the right house to hit the market decide your home wasn't the right one, that some new buyer who's brand new to the market will think your house is the right one?  Not very good.

That's why you want your home to be priced right from the very beginning.  You want to take advantage of all those buyers who are sitting and waiting for the right home for sale in Roanoke TX.

If you want to be shown the right way to price your home for sale so that you get top dollar in the shortest amount of time possible, contact us right way or go ahead and request a FREE market analysis for your home today.  Thank you.