Roanoke homes76262 Homes Under $300,000

Looking for homes for sale in Roanoke TX for under $300,000?

Most area home buyers think it's impossible to find anything under $300,000 anymore, but that's not true.  In the 76262 area, we currently have 17 available properties for sale.

Some of these homes for sale are located in north Fort Worth area and others are located in Roanoke and Denton County.  Most, if not all of the homes are within the zone for Byron Nelson High School.

Interest rates continue to be low. Not the lowest they've ever been, but they are low by historical standards.  When I bought my first home in 1999, interest rates were over 8%, and I thought those were great rates at the time.  So it's all relative right?  Rates now are roughly half that, but we still have some that claim they are too high because they are not 3% like they've been in recent years.

The fact of the matter, interest rates are likely to continue to climb as are home prices.  So all those hopeful homebuyers that are sitting on the fence waiting for interest rates to come down, they're going to be sadly disappointed, because home values and rates are only going to increase.  This means that the cost of financing a home is going to to keep going up.

But as you can see from this list, there are still some good deals out there.  Click here to see homes in 76262 under $300,000.

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