Kirby Smith of DFW Realty Group and team leader for Kirby Smith & Associates real estate team discusses Roanoke TX real estate.  Today we discuss which is a better buy: pre-existing homes for sale in Roanoke TX or new homes.

So you're thinking of buying a home in Roanoke TX.  This is a decision that many families have made over the last 10 years as Roanoke TX has become a hots spot in the DFW metroplex.  Great schools, lots of shopping, small town atmosphere, friendly neighbors and lots of new housing has drawn new residents like flies.

Because of the demand for housing in Roanoke TX, several new home communities have popped up over the last 10 years to help keep up with all the demand.

Briarwyck came a long in 2007 and then Fairway Ranch came in 2013 and then came Highlands Glen.  These great new communities have added to the already great communities that have been in Roanoke for some time, like the Parks of Roanoke, the Meadows of Roanoke and of course old-town Roanoke.

The average cost for a pre-existing home in Roanoke TX goes for $411,000 and the average cost for new homes for sale in Roanoke TX is $517,000.  That's a significant difference in price.

It all comes down to do you prefer to have a newer more custom home or do you prefer an older home that's a little less expensive.  Generally speaking with a new home, it will be more custom, but the lots will be pretty small and with an older home, the home will show some age, but the lots will tend to be a little larger and the neighborhoods will have a bit more character.

There's lots of homes for sale in Roanoke TX.  Choose carefully.