Roanoke TX real estate7 Helpful Links for Buying or Selling a Home in Roanoke

If you are in the market for either buying or selling a home in Roanoke, TX, here are 7 helpful links which will help you make that process easier.

We're only 2 days away from May, and May is usually when the spring home selling season begins in earnest!  We offer these links to be a helpful guide.  So without further commentary, let's dive in.


  1. For link number 1, we offer an easy way for you to get a Fee Market Analysis for your home.  This is a good link to follow if you are thinking of selling your home and you would like to get a good idea of what your Roanoke home is worth.  We've been selling homes in Roanoke for 19 years and we know how to price homes to sell so that you end up with more money than you can get any other way!  Free Market Analysis 
  2. If you are considering selling your home, link number 2 will also help.  You can request a copy of our Listing Guide, which will show you the key components to getting top dollar for your home.  You'll also see in our Listing Guide how we've been so successful at selling homes in Roanoke over the last 19 years.  Listing Guide
  3. Moving on to buyers, who may be looking to buy a home in Roanoke TX, we offer a few more links than we do for those wanting to sell their Roanoke home.  The first link we offer for anyone looking to buy a home in Roanoke is our Dream Home Finder.  With our Dream Home Finder app, you can provide the exact type of home you are looking for and then we will go to work to find the home that has all the details you provide us.  No one will work harder for you.  Dream Home Finder
  4. Our next link for Roanoke TX homebuyers, is for first time homebuyers who are budget conscious and want a home that's affordable.  For that we have a search for homes in Roanoke 76262 under $300,000.  Homes for sale in Roanoke and neighboring areas have gotten so expensive the last few years, but there are still some good deals to be had.  Homes in 76262 under $300,000
  5. Our next link is for those who are looking for a pool home in the Roanoke area.  Since we're well into spring now, the temperature is rising and people are already thinking about throwing on the swimsuit and going for a swim.  With our pool home finder, you'll be sure to find the dream pool home you're looking for.  Pool homes in 76262
  6. Our next two links are also for homebuyers wanting to relocate into the Roanoke area.  On our site, you can get helpful information on local schools in Roanoke, Trophy Club and the entire Northwest ISD.  Our school reports page should be very useful for those with kids and are concerned about schools.  School Reports
  7. And for our last link, we offer a page for relocation.  With our link for relocation, you can get quotes from up to 4 different movers to help make your move seamless.  We provide a Moving cost calculator a packing calculator and a moving planner.  Relocation

We hope you find these links useful.  As Roanoke residents and Realtors based here in Roanoke, we pride ourselves on giving the best possible information and advice to our friends and neighbors.  As Always, if you would like more information you can contact us here on our site or email us at  You can also call or text to 817-966-6775.