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As a New Home Expert, I can help you find the the perfect new home for you.  Whether you are looking at something that's $300,000 or $800,000, Kirby Smith & Associates real estate team will find it.

With our Move-Up program, we make easier than ever to sell your existing home and buy a new home.  We work with virtually every new home builder in the metroplex.  

With our Move-up Program, we'll save you a ton of money when you list your pre-existing home with us and also buy a "new construction home" through us.  With our Move-Up program, we'll list your existing home for only half the normal listing fee of 6%.  We only charge 3% + a $500 flat program fee.  You save thousands of dollars!

Don't have a home to sell?  No worries.  You can still save money by using Kirby Smith & Associates at DFW Realty Group when you purchase a new home.  Simply by registering Kirby Smith as your agent representative, we'll rebate you 1% of our commission at closing.  You can use this money for down payment, closing costs or for upgrades.  Your choice.

Did you know that the Realtor's fee is already included into the price of a new home regardless if you have a Realtor or not?  That's right.  Home builders know that 90% of the time, a buyer is going to have an agent, so they build in the Realtor fee to their new home prices.  It makes sense to have a Realtor represent you because you are going to pay for it regardless.  Why not have a Realtor that will rebate you part of that fee?  We do!

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